Post Markham 2017 Documents

Date: 2017-06-12

N2137 2017/03/13 Ballman, Attributes in C (revision to N2049)
N2138 2017/03/22 Nelson, Response to concerns about CPLEX
N2139 2017/03/28 Seacord, C Safe Secure Coding Rules Study Group
N2140 2017/04/04 Thomas, TS 18661-3,4,5 for C2x - slide deck
N2141 2017/05/04 Hedquist, WG14/PL22.11 Minutes, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 2017
N2142 2017/05/04 Hedquist, WG14/PL22.11 Minutes (Draft), Markham, ONTARIO, April 2017
N2143 2017/04/06 Keaton, Ballot Resolution for NWIP 21938-1
N2144 2017/04/17 Scogland, CPLEX code examples
N2145 2017/04/24 Sebor, Properties of Generic Functions
N2146 2017/04/18 Thomas, March 2017 CFP teleconference minutes
N2147 2017/04/18 Thomas, April 2017 CFP teleconference agenda
N2148 2017/04/24 Garst, C11 Compendium
N2149 2017/04/24 Garst, FPE Compendium
N2150 2017/04/24 Garst, CSCR Compendium
N2151 2017/05/04 Tydeman, double double and C
N2152 2017/05/04 Gustedt, Post-Markham version of the LaTeX translated C Standard
N2153 2017/05/30 Koeppe, Comma omission and comma deletion rev 3
N2154 2017/05/08 Thomas, May 2017 CFP teleconference agenda
N2155 2017/06/12 Keaton, Venue information for October/November, 2017, Albuquerque, NM
N2156 2017/06/12 Keaton, Preliminary Agenda for October/November, 2017