Post Markham
N1370 2009/03/10 Garst, Apple’s extensions to C
N1371 2009/03/16 Crowl, Thread Unsafe Standard Functions
N1372 2009/03/23 Plauger, Threads for the C Standard Library
N1373 2009/03/24 Plauger, Wording improvements for mblen, mbtowc, and c16rtomb.
N1374 2009/03/24 Mak, Unified Parallel C Overview
N1375 2009/03/30 Hedquist, Final Minutes Santa Clara 2008
N1376 2009/03/31 Tydeman, Adding pole error to math library functions
N1377 2009/04/01 Tydeman, xxx_DECIMAL_DIG macros for <float.h>
N1378 2009/04/01 Tydeman, xxx_TRUE_MIN macros for <float.h>
N1379 2009/03/31 Nelson, C++ Liaison statement
N1380 2009/04/10 Hedquist, Minutes for Markham, March/April 2009
N1381 2009/04/01 Svoboda, memset_s
N1382 2009/04/02 Tydeman, FLT_EVAL_METHOD and return
N1383 2009/04/10 Tydeman, LIA annex corrections
N1384 2009/05/04 Tydeman, xxx_TRUE_MIN macros for <float.h>
N1385 2009/04/03 Benito, Preliminary Agenda, October 2009
N1386 2009/05/04 Banks, Draft language for named execution space addition 18037
N1387 2009/04/28 Nelson, thread-local clarifications