Post Florence and Pre Colorado Mailing

Date: 2010-05-11

N1449 2010/05/10 Hedquist, Draft minutes, May 2010, Florence Italy
N1450 2010/04/06 Keaton, C Secure Coding Guidelines Study Group Liaison Report
N1451 2010/04/12 Garst, Blocks Proposal
N1452 2010/04/12 Garst, Atomic Proposal
N1453 2010/04/27 Svoboda, Supporting the 'noreturn' property in C1x
N1454 2010/04/30 Benito, Preliminary Agenda, May 2010
N1455 2010/04/30 Keaton, Ligistics May 2010 Meeting
N1456 2010/04/27 Garst, What's New in Objective-C presentation
N1457 2010/04/27 Garst, Blocks presentation
N1458 2010/05/07 Plauger, Additions to C Rationale
N1459 2010/05/07 Plauger, Comparison Macros
N1460 2010/05/07 Plauger, Subsetting the Standard
N1461 2010/05/07 McKenney, Rationale for C-Language Dependency Ordering
N1462 2010/05/10 Tydeman, errno and threads
N1463 2010/05/10 Tydeman, Type punning example
N1464 2010/05/10 Tydeman, Creation of complex value
N1465 2010/05/10 Tydeman, negate
N1466 2010/05/10 Tydeman, fabs
N1467 2010/05/10 Tydeman, ilogb
N1468 2010/05/10 Tydeman, Assumed types in F.9.2
N1469 2010/05/10 Tydeman, F.9.2: x-y <--> x+(-y)
N1470 2010/05/10 Tydeman, FP flags to errno correspondence
N1471 2010/05/09 Montgomery, Further Subsetting the C Standard
N1472 2010/05/10 Thomas, Comparison Macro Argument Conversion
N1473 2010/05/10 Garst, Atomic Proposal (version 5)
N1474 2010/05/10 Benito, Agenda - May 2010