Post Delft 2013 Documents

N1692 2013/05/17 Hedquist, Final minutes - October 2012
N1693 2013/05/17 Hedquist, Draft minutes - April 2013
N1694 2013/03/29 Stoughton, POSIX liaison report
N1695 2013/03/30 Tian, An Enhanced format output design for printf
N1696 2013/04/06 Thomas, April FP meeting agenda
N1697 2013/04/09 Montgomery, MISRA-C liaison report
N1698 2013/04/09 Plum, C11: The New C Standard
N1699 2013/04/09 Benito, results of PDTS 17961 ballot
N1700 2013/04/09 Benito, NEN comments on PDTS 17961 ballot
N1701 2013/04/09 Benito, JISC comments on PDTS 17961 ballot
N1702 2013/04/12 Thomas, comments on N1676 (project 18661)
N1703 2013/04/18 Bristow, Floating-Point Typedefs having Specified Widths
N1704 2013/04/19 Reverdy, Considerations about new complex mathematical functions in the C language
N1705 2013/04/24 Gove, Leveraging OpenMP Infrastructure for Language Level Parallelism
N1706 2013/04/24 Geva, C Language Constructs for Parallel Programming
N1707 2013/04/25 Thomas, Interchange and extended types, TS 18661 Part 3
N1708 2013/04/28 Benito, Preliminary agenda, October 2013
N1709 2013/05/06 Thomas, C Floating Point Teleconference, May 2013
N1710 2013/05/06 Thomas, Working draft TS 18661 part 1
N1711 2013/05/10 Thomas, Working draft TS 18661 part 1 for PDTS ballot
N1712 2013/05/12 Walls, runtime-constraint issue with sprintf family of routines in Annex K
N1713 2013/05/16 Wakker, Request for interpretation of C11 6.8.5#6
N1714 2013/05/17 Thomas, meeting notes for the May 16 CFP teleconference
N1715 2013/05/20 Seacord, Editor's report for PDTS 17961 ballot responses