Post Colorado Mailing

Date: 2010-06-27

N1475 2010/05/24 Hedquest, Final Santa Cruz Minutes
N1476 2010/05/24 Garst, Atomic Proposal – Draft 06
N1477 2010/05/24 McKenney, Attitional Atomics Errata
N1478 2010/05/25 Svoboda, Supporting the 'noreturn' property in C1x
N1479 2010/05/25 Boehm, Memory Model Rationale
N1480 2010/05/26 McKenney, Updates to C++ Memory Model Based on Formalization
N1481 2010/05/26 Thomas, Comparison Macro Argument Conversion
N1482 2010/05/26 McKenney, Explicit Initializers for Atomics
N1483 2010/05/26 Crowl, Comparing Lambda in C Proposal N1451 and C++ FCD N3092
N1484 2010/05/26 McKenney, Additional Atomics Errata
N1485 2010/05/26 Garst, Atomic Proposal – Draft 10
N1486 2010/05/27 Tydeman, replaces N1446
N1487 2010/05/27 Thomas, Words for N1481
N1488 2010/05/27 Nelson, UTF-8 string literals
N1489 2010/05/27 Crowl, Comparing Atomics in C Proposal N1473 and C++ FCD N3092
N1490 2010/05/27 Hedquest, Draft Minutes – Colorado May 2010
N1491 2010/05/27 Tydeman, proposal from Defect Report 271.
N1492 2010/05/27 Tydeman, proposal from Defect Report 319.
N1493 2010/05/27 Headquist, Final minutes – Florence IT April 2010
N1494 2010/06/25 Jones, Working Draft
N1495 2010/06/25 Jones, Editor's Report
N1496 2010/06/17 Tydeman, Minimal fix to complex divide
N1497 2010/06/17 Tydeman, Clarification to fmod
N1498 2010/06/17 Tydeman, Add missing error conditions in math functions
N1499 2010/06/17 Tydeman, Remove error/no error choices in math functions
N1500 2010/06/17 Tydeman, Remove ambiguous choices in math functions
N1501 2010/06/17 Tydeman, EPOLE as future direction
N1502 2010/06/17 Tydeman, Fix for DR 334 (comparison macros)
N1503 2010/06/17 Tydeman, Fix for DR 300 (translation-time expression evaluation)
N1504 2010/06/17 Tydeman, Fix for DR 301 (meaning of FE_* macros in <fenv.h>)
N1505 2010/06/25 Benito, Preliminary Agenda, November 2010