Post Batavia Mailing

Date: 2010-12-01

N1525 2010/10/12 McKenney, Memory-Order Rationale
N1526 2010/10/14 Garst, Atomic C1x/C++0x Compatibility Refinements
N1527 2010/10/15 Douglas, Latency Reducing Memory Allocation Final Submission
N1528 2010/10/28 Boehm, Response to N1509
N1529 2010/10/26 Stoughton, Austin Group Liaison report
N1530 2010/11/03 Garst, Atomic Bitfields Implementation Defined
N1531 2010/11/04 Thomas, Clarifications for wide evaluation
N1532 2010/11/03 Nelson, Small fix for the effect of alignment on struct/union type compatibility
N1533 2010/11/03 Stoughton, Updates to memchr from POSIX
N1534 2010/11/03 Stoughton, Updates to Character Constants
N1535 2010/11/04 Plum, Synthesis re _Atomic
N1536 2010/11/04 Garst, _Atomic Qualifier Issues
N1537 2010/11/04 Plum, Synthesis re _Atomic
N1538 2010/11/04 Thomas, Counter proposal to N1531
N1539 2010/11/16 Jones, Working Draft (SC 22 N4578)
N1540 2010/12/01 Jones, Editor's report
N1541 2010/11/05 Hedquist, Bativa, November 2010 minutes
N1542 2010/11/05 Hedquest, Boulder minutes, final.
N1543 Open — no document associated with number.
N1544 Open — no document associated with number.
N1545 2010/11/22 Benito, Venue for March 2011, London UK
N1546 2010/11/22 Benito, Preliminary Agenda March 2011
N1547 2010/12/01 Jones, Working Draft with diff marks.