SC22 WG prototype homepage structure

Source: Keld Simonsen
Reference: SC22 N1970: Annapolis resolution 95-37
Date: 1996-01-21
Status: draft, for comment by SC22 until 1996-01-28

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG99 homepage is a prototype web entry page (homepage) for SC22 WGs.

The homepage structure has been created, based on the original Brian Meek, Bob Mathis. Also consulted were the ISO/CS contributions on "The Discovery and Retrieval of Internet Resources from ISO" (ISO ITSCG AWG 1 N27) and "Identification and Distribution of JTC 1-Related documentation" (JTC1 E3778) and general Internet guides on HTML style (

The pages have been made so it should be straightforward to generate it out of existing WG material, combined with the produced prototype web pages, which have been made in a HTML-utilitities independent, portable and strictly conforming (to HTML 2.0) way. Basically what you need is the WG scope, the convener's report to the SC, your membership and liaisons lists, and then possibly descriptions of standards for example as text from the originating NP. Keld Simonsen, has offered to help in merging the WG materials with the HTML sources, as well as offered hosting of the pages.

The WG web pages should be structured so that it is readable, also as a freestanding paper submission, as these pages are also an example of.

The prototype has the following pages:

The "internals" section is for confidential information, such as standards and other copyrighted work, working group documents and email, and provisions are made for accessing this information via individual userids and passwords. The rest of the information scheduled as per this prototype web structure has been checked with the proposed JTC1 guidelines (JTC1 E3778) and should be OK for general distribution, as the following document types are classified for "open" distribution: Document register, secretariat report, programme of work, meeting notice, meeting agenda, meeting report, meeting resolutions, together with procedural information. NPs are not for open distribution, but a deriative of it produced for public information should be OK for open distribution. These JTC1 guidelines does not cover the WG level, but SC22 should make guidelines for the WGs that could apply to itself as well.

A number of ressources are drawn upon, including the ISO and IEC web servers, and the document lists provided by Danish Standards.

A number of guidelines for each of the documents have been written.

The structure of the WG web pages most likely will differ somewhat from WG to WG and will also neccesarily develop over time, but some structure should be kept common, also for use in general ISO-wide text retrieval and check your document for correct HTML before releasing it.

Keld Simonsen