1 This document revises the version dated 24 September 1996 by  incorpo-
  rating the substantive changes approved by ISO WG21 and ANSI|- X3J16 at
  their joint meeting in Kona, Hawaii, USA in November, 1996.   It  will
  be  submitted  to  ISO  SC22  for registration as the second Committee
  Draft (CD) produced by WG21.

2 The C++ programming language as described in  this  Working  Paper  is
  based  on the language as described in Chapter R (Reference Manual) of
  Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language (second edition, Addison-Wes-
  ley  Publishing  Company,  ISBN 0-201-53992-6, copyright  1991 AT&T).
  That, in turn, is based on the C programming language as described  in
  Appendix A of Kernighan and Ritchie: The C Programming Language (Pren-
  tice-Hall, 1978, ISBN 0-13-110163-3, copyright  1978 AT&T).  In addi-
  tion,  portions  of  this  Working  Paper  are  based  on work by P.J.
  Plauger, which was published as The Draft Standard C++ Library;  Pren-
  tice-Hall,  ISBN  0-13-117003-1,  copyright  1995 P.J. Plauger).  All
  rights in these originals are reserved.

3 The C language changed substantially after The C Programming  Language
  was  published.   Those  changes are reflected in ISO/IEC 9899:1990, C
  Standard which, together with Chapter R of The  C++  Programming  Lan-
  guage, serve as the two base documents for this Working Paper.

4 Most  clause  and subclause titles have text in square brackets at the
  end of their respective lines.  The bracketed text is a symbolic  name
  for  that  clause  or  subclause, with the idea that the symbolic name
  will remain constant even if the corresponding number changes in  sub-
  sequent  drafts.   These symbolic names are there for convenience only
  and are not part of the text; they will not appear in the  final  ver-
  sion of the International Standard.

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