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                                               Date:  2 December 1996
                                               Project:Programming Language C++
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                            Working Paper for
     Draft Proposed International Standard for Information Systems--
                         Programming Language C++


0 This document specifies the form and establishes the interpretation of
  programs expressed in the programming language C++.  Its purpose is to
  promote  portability, reliability, maintainability, and efficient exe-
  cution of C++ language programs on a  variety  of  computing  systems.
  This  document  is  subject  to  change without notice, and may not be
  referred to as a Standard until approved by  an  accredited  standards
  body.  Distribution of this document does not represent or warrant any
  degree of completeness or correctness of this document.  This document
  is  a working draft and is known to be incorect, incomplet, and incoN-

0 The information in this document is subject to change  without  notice
  and  shall not be construed as a commitment by any individual or orga-
  nization participating in the development of this document.  The indi-
  viduals  and  organizations  participating  in the development of this
  document assume no responsibility for any errors that  may  appear  in
  this  document, nor is responsibility assumed for the use or reliabil-
  ity of products based on the specification of this document.  Portions
  of  this document are derived from books by Bjarne Stroustrup (The C++
  Programming   Language,   Second   Edition;    Addison-Wesley,    ISBN
  0-201-53992-6,  copyright    1991  AT&T)  and P.J. Plauger (The Draft
  Standard C++ Library; Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0-13-117003-1,  copyright  
  1995 P.J. Plauger).  All rights in these originals are reserved.

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