ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9 N416, Charter of the Annex H Rapporteur Group (HRG)

Approved by WG9, 28 April 1995
Extracted from document WG9 N 310

The HRG will synthesize the essential requirements of typical sector-specific standards for high integrity applications which have a bearing on Ada and its supporting tools. Guidance, including interpretation and amplification of Annex H will be developed for users, implementers, evaluators and certifiers. The guidance produced will be in a form suitable for reference in procurement.

Sector-specific standards to be considered are such as:

The HRG will undertake the following activities:

Annex H Issues

The HRG will produce and maintain an interpretations document.

The HRG will investigate pragma enhancement, such as additional parameters for restriction pragmas and additional pragmas.

The HRG will provide implementation advice, covering areas such as compilation and validation.

Taxonomy of Techniques

The HRG will produce a taxonomy of techniques for the construction and analysis of high integrity software, such as:

Language Issues

The HRG will investigate the interaction of language issues with high integrity requirements, such as:

Bindings and Interfaces

The HRG will support the interoperation of high integrity software and tools with other systems, such as: