SG4: Networking

Document #WG21/N3374=12-0064
Project:Programming Language C++
Reply to: Kyle Kloepper,
Neal Meyer,

At the February 2012 Kona meeting of WG21 four Study Groups were created. SG4 for Networking was created with the goal of standardizing a set of networking libraries for C++. Based on an early discussion held at Kona; the standardization effort will initially focus on basic socket layer functionality. The main items that SG4 would like to prepare for Portland are the following:

SG4 plans to present a single unified proposal at the October 2012 Portland meeting of WG21. The document to be created for Portland is intended to serve as a base upon which higher level services (e.g. HTTP/FTP) can be built. SG4 intends to continue to bring papers to LWG beyond Portland that will address the higher level networking services.

Between now and the Portland meeting of WG21 we greatly welcome any proposals for a C++ Sockets interface to consider for standardization. Beyond that we will be accepting proposals and suggestions for any C++ networking libraries. We would also like to invite companies and interested parties to participate in SG4. Suggestions, proposals, questions, and requests for participation should be directed to the SG4 chair Kyle Kloepper (

Further information about teleconferences and face-to-face meetings between now and the Portland meeting of WG21 will also be sent to the Library reflector.