ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 pre-oxford

Pre Oxford

N995	14-Feb-2003	Walls, math.h missing INT_MIN and INT_MAX

N996    26-Feb-2003	Wakker, ISO/IEC PDTR 18037.1

N997    24-Feb-2003	Sutter, Proposal for TR on C Library Security

N998    26-Feb-2003	Mori, Additional Character Data Types in the Programming Language C
N999    26-Feb-2003	Benito, Agenda for 31 March, 04 April, Oxford meeting

N1000	22-Feb-2003	Tydeman, Optional support for Signaling NaNs

N1001	24-Feb-2003	Mak, Interpretation of the Sequence Point Specification.

N1002	26-Feb-2003	Benito, Conversion of an imaginary type to _Bool.