N1388 2009/06/01 Benito, DTR 24731-2
N1389 2009/06/01 Benito, Ballot resolutions for PDTR 24731-2
N1390 2009/06/11 Benito, Convener's Report 2008
N1391 2009/06/29 Tydeman, Floating-point to int/_Bool conversions
N1392 2009/07/20 Benito, C Standard revision schedule Version 1
N1393 2009/07/29 Seacord, C Secure Coding Guidelines
N1394 2009/08/15 Plum, Analyzability
N1395 2009/08/11 Wakker, Netherlands Contribution on The Growth of Programming Language Standards
N1396 2009/09/25 Thomas, problems with wide function return values
N1397 2009/09/25 Nelson, Alignment proposal
N1398 2009/09/18 Tydeman, Treatment of math error conditions
N1399 2009/09/25 Tydeman, Complex Multiply and Complex Divide
N1400 2009/09/18 Tydeman, Headers not idempotent
N1401 2009/09/28 Jones, Working Committee draft
N1402 2009/09/28 Jones, Editor’s Report
N1403 2009/09/28 Svoboda, Towards support for attributes in C
N1404 2009/09/28 Nelson, type-generic macro support
N1405 2009/09/28 Benito, Agenda October 2009
N1406 2009/09/28 Keaton, Anonymous Member Structures and Unions.
N1407 2009/09/28 Stoughton, Austin Group Liaison
N1408 2009/09/28 Wong, Vectorized types for C
N1409 2009/09/29 Meyers, aliasing and effective type as it applies to unions/aggregates
N1410 2009/09/29 Brenneise, #macro proposal