ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 pre-Menlo_Park

			(pre Menlo Park 1997)
N744	29-Jul-97	Walls, Status of approved proposals for C9X 
			(Post-London revised)

N745	08-Aug-97	Benito, et al., Draft 11Pre1 Edit Issues List

N746	25-Jul-97	SC22 Secretriat, SC22 N2541 - Summary of Voting on
			CD Registration for CD 9899

N747	25-Aug-97	Tydeman, IEC 559 Binding: Signaling NaNs

N748	25-Aug-97	Tydeman, LIA-1 Binding: Adding 'pole' from LIA-2.

N749	25-Aug-97	Tydeman, LIA-1 Binding: <stdlia.h>

N750	25-Aug-97	Tydeman, LIA-1 Binding: LIA-1 annex

N751	25-Aug-97	Tydeman, LIA-1 Binding: Combined LIA-1 + IEC-559 annex

N752	25-Aug-97	Tydeman, LIA-1 Binding: Optional parts annex

N753	25-Aug-97	Tydeman, LIA-1 Binding: Rationale 

N754	26-Aug-97	Krom, Proposal to Relax the Rules for Qualification 
			Conversions of Pointers

N755	08-Sep-97	Tydeman, LIA-1 Binding: <fenv.h> to <stdmath.h>

N756	08-Sep-97	Tydeman, LIA-1 Binding: Arithmetic exceptions => SIGFPE

N757	15-Sep-97	Thomas, Miscellaneous floating-Point cleanup

N758	15-Sep-97	Tydeman, C9X and LIA-1 informative annex

N759	15-Sep-97	Feather, Minor issue with Compound Literals

N760	17-Sep-97	Walls, Editorial correction, for empty macro arguments

N761	20-Sep-97	Gwyn, Rewrite of C9x Subclause 7.4 <inttypes.h>

N762	20-Sep-97	Gwyn, Minor Changes to C9x

N763	21-Sep-97	Walls, Status of approved proposals for C9X (Post-London revised)

N764	21-Sep-97	Feather, Issues about time

N765	21-Sep-97	Feather, Issues with representation of values

N766	23-Sep-97	MacDonald, Inlining Issues

N767	23-Sep-97	MacDonald, Some General C9X Issues

N768	23-Sep-97	MacDonald, Current C9X Tweak List

N769	23-Sep-97	Meyers, Mandatory intmax_t

N770	23-Sep-97	Meyers, Trigraphs and Universal Character Names

N771	23-Sep-97	Kristoffersen, Template for implementation of IOHW.H

N772	25-Sep-97	Tydeman, Header/Source file names

N773	25-Sep-97	Feather, Consistency and clarification changes

N774	26-Sep-97	Feather, Assorted minor substantive issues

N775	26-Sep-97	Feather, Relationships between unsigned types

N776	25-Sep-97	Tydeman, fseek & ungetc

N777	25-Sep-97	Tydeman, File position indicator after fgetc failure

N778	26-Sep-97	Jaeschke, Meeting Agenda October 20-24, 1997

N779	26-Aug-97	Benito, et al., Draft 11Pre3 Edit Issues List

N780	28-Aug-97	Simonsen, POSIX Alignment