ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 pre-London


N680	26-Apr-97	Tydeman, scalbn

N681	02-May-97	Walls, Invitation to October 1997 Meeting

N682	08-May-97	Homer, Suggested edits for C9X Draft 9 section 6.5.3
N683	08-May-97	Macdonald, Final Edits for incorporating VLAs into C9X 8
N684	08-May-97	MacDonald, Edits for incorporating N640, "Access to Objects"
N685	08-May-97	Homer and MacDonald, Compatibility Issues with Union Members	

N686	11-May-97	Seebach, Obsolescent features the C standard (9899)

N687	11-May-97	Seebach, strsep.

N688	11-May-97	Seebach, <inttypes.h> namespace issues.

N689	14-May-97	Feather, General wording issues (clause 7)

N690	14-May-97	Benito,  Preliminary Agenda for 23-27 June 1997

N691	17-May-97	Feather, Representation of values.

N692	19-May-97	Jones, Implicit int cleanup

N693	19-May-97	Thomas, Type-Generic Math Functions

N694	19-May-97	Thomas, Floating-Point and Complex Arithmetic Enhancements

N695	19-May-97	Meyers, Grammar start symbol

N696	19-May-97	Meyers, Standard pragmas -- improved wording

N697	19-May-97	Meyers, Unary * operator lvalue/rvalue conversion

N698	19-May-97	Meyers, Implementation-Defined Integral Types

N699	23-May-97	Jaeschke, Meeting Agenda 23-27 June 1997

N700	21-May-97	MacDonald & Homer, Inlining Proposal  

N701	22-May-97	Jones, vscanf

N702	22-May-97	Farance, Standards wording for Boolean Type

N703	23-May-97	Farance, Wording changes for Ungetc

N704	23-May-97	Jones, strdup

N705	23-May-97	Benito, DRs that promised changes since TC2

N706	22-May-97	Kristoffersen, Standardization of Basic I/O Hardware Addressing.

N707	27-May-97	Feather, Varargs for function-like macros