ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 post-Toronto-2000

Post Tornoto Mailing

N925    10-Oct-00       Feather, A formal model of sequence points and
                                 related issues Working draft

N926    17-Nov-00       Mak, Sequence points anaylsis

N927    17-Nov-00       Redelmeier, Another formalism for sequence points

N928    10-Nov-00       Jones and Walls, Minutes 

N929    19-N0v-00       Kristoffersen and Banks, Generic access_type descriptor
                                           for the Embedded C Technical Report

N930    22-Nov-00       Simonsen, Report on SC22/WG15 - POSIX activites.

N931    22-Nov-00       Simonsen, Report on SC22/WG20 - internationalization activities