ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 post-Menlo_Park

                       ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 - C
                           DOCUMENT REGISTRY
                         (post Menlo Park 1997)

Number	Date		Description
N781	10-Oct-97	Feather, Correction to N764 (issues about time)

N782	20-Oct-97	Feather, Cleanup of aggregate initialization

N783	20-Oct-97	Feather, Significant outstanding issues

N784	21-Oct-97	Feather, Additional flexibility for inlining 

N785	21-Oct-97	Feather, Meaning of "definition"

N786	21-Oct-97	Noda, Comments on C9X draft 10

N787	21-Nov-97	Seymour, Minutes for Menlo Park October 1997

N788	28-Oct-97	Gwyn, Rewrite of C9x Subclause 7.4 <inttypes.h>

N789	22-Oct-97	Feather, Changes to signal handling

N790	21-Oct-97	Feather, The meaning of "implementation-defined"

N791	22-Oct-97	Feather, Solving the struct hack problem

N792	23-Oct-97	Tydeman, C9X and LIA-1 informative annex

N793	23-Oct-97	Feather, New time functions

N794	18-Nov-97	Farance, Working Draft for CD Ballot 

N795	19-Nov-97	Benito, Ballot resolution - CD Registration ISO/IEC 9899

N796	19-Nov-97	Benito, Preliminary Agenda, 02-06 February 1998 Meeting

N797	24-Nov-97	Keaton, Information/Invitation, 02-06 February 1998