Agenda for 23–27 January, 2023
WG 14/N 3087

Dates and Times

Each day will have a half-hour break from 16:00-16:30 UTC.

Monday, 23January,2023  14:30 – 18:00 UTC
Tuesday, 24January,2023  14:30 – 18:00 UTC
Wednesday, 25January,2023  14:30 – 18:00 UTC
Thursday, 26January,2023  14:30 – 18:00 UTC
Friday, 27January,2023  14:30 – 18:00 UTC

Meeting Location

This meeting is virtual via Zoom.

Meeting information

Please see the ISO Meetings platform (log into and click on Meetings) or contact the convenor for the URL and password.

Local contact information

David Keaton <>

1. Opening Activities

1.1 Opening Comments (Keaton)
1.2 Introduction of Participants/Roll Call
1.3 Procedures for this Meeting (Keaton)
1.4 Required Reading
1.4.1 ISO Code of Conduct
1.4.2 IEC Code of Conduct
1.4.3 JTC 1 Summary of Key Points [N 2613]
1.4.4 INCITS Code of Conduct
1.5 Approval of Previous Minutes
WG 14 Minutes [N 3044] (WG 14 motion)
INCITS/C Minutes [pl22.11-2022-00007] (INCITS/C motion)
1.6 Review of Action Items and Resolutions
1.7 Approval of Agenda [N 3087] (INCITS/C motion, WG 14 motion)
1.8 Identify National Bodies Sending Experts
1.9 INCITS Antitrust Guidelines and Patent Policy
1.10 INCITS official designated member/alternate information
1.11 Note where we are in the current C23 schedule
A second CD ballot is advisable due to the volume of comments.
Schedule to be determined after ballot resolution.

2. Reports on Liaison and Collaboration Activities

2.1 ISO, IEC, JTC 1, SC 22
2.2 INCITS/C / WG 14
2.3 INCITS/C++ / WG 21
2.4 INCITS/Programming Languages
2.5 WG 23
2.7 Austin Group
2.8 Other Liaison or Collaboration Activities

3. Study Groups

3.1 C Floating Point Study Group activity report
3.2 C Memory Object Model Study Group activity report
A TS 6010 CD ballot is advisable before the DTS ballot due to the large amount of ISO-required changes.
3.3 C and C++ Compatibility Study Group activity report
3.4 Undefined Behavior Study Group activity report

4. Future Meetings

4.1 Future Meeting Schedule
4.2 Future Mailing Deadlines
Note: Please request document numbers by one week before these dates.

5. Document Review

The purpose of this meeting is CD 9899 ballot resolution.
CD 9899 ballot comments [N 3067]
Late addendum to ballot comments (unofficial standing) [N 3073]
Other documents to which we may refer as needed:
Myers, Declaration contexts (C2x CD UK comment) [N 3070]
Myers, Conversions in constexpr initializers (C2x CD UK comment) [N 3071]
Gustedt, NB comments by AFNOR for ballot on ISO/IEC 9899:2023 [N 3072]
Gilding, Response to US NB comments for type inference in declarations [N 3076]
Gustedt, handle NB comments concerning nullptr [N 3077]
Gustedt, handle NB comments concerning constexpr [N 3078]
Gustedt, handle NB comments concerning type inference [N 3079]
Gustedt, handle NB comments concerning compound literals [N 3080]
Thomas, CFP Review of NB comments - N3081 update [N 3082]
Unofficial spreadsheet version of CD 9899 ballot comments [N 3086]
For simplicity, proceed sequentially through N 3067 followed by N 3073 (but referring to N 3073 earlier if needed for N 3067).
Upon reaching each editorial comment, the committee will be asked if there are any objections to adding it to a list to be mass-approved at the end.
The following comments will be covered at the beginning of the Tuesday session, to receive assistance from the Austin Group.
GB-190, GB-209, GB-232, GB-238 (NL-239), GB-240, GB-245

6. Clarification Requests

The previous queue of clarification requests has been processed.

7. Other Business

8. Recommendations and Decisions reached

8.1 Review of Decisions Reached
8.2 Review of Action Items

9. INCITS/C Business

9.1 Identification of INCITS/C Voting Members
9.1.1 Members Attaining initial Voting Rights at this Meeting
9.1.2 Members who regained voting rights
9.2 INCITS/C Voting Members in Jeopardy
9.2.1 Members in jeopardy due to failure to vote on Letter Ballots
9.2.2 Members in jeopardy due to failure to attend Meetings Members in jeopardy who retained voting rights by attending this meeting Members in jeopardy who lost voting rights for failure to attend this meeting
9.3 INCITS/C Non-voting Members
9.3.1 Prospective INCITS/C Members Attending their First Meeting
9.3.2 Advisory members who are attending this meeting
9.4 Other Business

10. Thanks to Host

10.1 Thanks to ISO for supplying Zoom capabilities

11. Adjournment (INCITS/C motion)