Defect Report #234

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Submitter: WG14 Convener (John Benito)
Submission Date: 2000-09-26
Reference Document: N/A
Version: 1.5
Date: 2001-01-22 03:22:43
Subject: Miscellaneous Typos

Summary #1

In 6.10.3 Macro Replacement the text:

[#5] The identifier __VA_ARGS__ shall occur only in the replacement-list of a function-like macro that uses the ellipsis notation in the arguments.
The word "arguments" should be "parameters".

Summary #2
In the Foreword under major changes, VA_COPY should be va_copy .

Summary #3
In, in the description of the lconv members int_p_cs_precedes, int_n_cs_precedes, int_p_sep_by_space, and int_n_sep_by_space, the reference to int_currency_symbol should be int_curr_symbol.

Summary #4
In The vsscanf function:

The vsscanf function returns the value of the macro EOF if an input failure occurs before any conversion. Otherwise, the vscanf function ...
The reference to vscanf should be vsscanf.

Summary #5
In The vsnprintf function is misspelled in the synopsis.

Summary #6
In, paragraph #2, "as defined in" should be "as defined in".

Technical Corrigendum
In the cited text in 6.10.3, change "arguments" to "parameters"

In the Foreword, change VA_COPY to va_copy.

In, change all occurrences of int_currency_symbol to int_curr_symbol. Also, append to paragraph 5:

For int_p_sep_by_space and int_n_sep_by_space, the fourth character of int_curr_symbol is used instead of a space.

In, change the reference from vscanf to vsscanf.

In, change vsprintf to vsnprintf in the synopsis.

In, change "(as defined in" to "(as defined in".

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