Defect Report #231

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Submitter: Makoto Noda (Japan)
Submission Date: 2000-04-14
Reference Document: N/A
Version: 1.3
Date: 2001-09-18 16:15:47
Subject: Semantics of text-line and non-directive

The semantics of text-line and non-directive are not specified in the C99 Standard.

Are text-line and non-directive implementation-defined ?

Committee Response

The standard is correct, but provide the following words with the response, and include them in the Rationale document:

Neither text-line nor non-directive is implementation defined. They are strictly defined as sequences of pp-tokens followed by new-line. Each of these rules represents a placeholder for an intermediate state in the phases of translation, and is expressed as a non-terminal since it has no associated semantics at this phase.

However, these sequences of pp-tokens are still subject to normal processing in the subsequent phases of translation.

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