Defect Report #030

Submission Date: 10 Dec 92
Submittor: WG14
Source: X3J11/91-017 (Pawel Molenda)
Question 1
Reference: subclause 7.5.1 Treatment of error conditions, page 111, lines 14-17:

For all functions, a domain error occurs if an input argument is outside the domain over which the mathematical function is defined. ... an implementation may define additional domain errors, provided that such errors are consistent with the mathematical definition of the function.

If sin(DBL_MAX) results in errno being set to EDOM, is this a violation of the standard? If yes, what should be the result of this call?
Subclause 7.5.1 does not give license for an implementation to set errno to EDOM for sin(DBL_MAX). The mathematical function is defined for that argument value. While a conforming hosted implementation must not set errno to EDOM for this case, the standard imposes no constraint on the accuracy of the result value.

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