Pre Pittsburgh 2016 Documents

Date: 2016-09-28

N2049 2016/07/28 Ballman, Attributes in C
N2050 2016/07/28 Ballman, The deprecated attribute
N2051 2016/07/28 Ballman, The nodiscard attribute
N2052 2016/07/28 Ballman, The fallthrough attribute
N2053 2016/07/28 Ballman, The maybe_unused attribute
N2054 2016/06/21 Thomas, April 2016 CFP Teleconference Minutes
N2055 2016/06/21 Thomas, May 2016 CFP Teleconference Minutes
N2056 2016/06/21 Thomas, June 2016 CFP Teleconference Agenda
N2057 2016/06/30 Plakosh, Updated Venue for October 2016 Pittsburgh PA
N2058 2016/07/11 Thomas, TS 18661-5 Publication Draft
N2059 2016/07/21 Garst, C11 DR Report
N2060 2016/07/21 Garst, C Secure Coding Rules DR Report
N2061 2016/07/21 Garst, Floating Point Extension DR Report
N2062 2016/07/21 Thomas, June 2016 CFP Teleconference Minutes
N2063 2016/07/21 Thomas, July 2016 CFP Teleconference Agenda
N2064 2016/07/28 Gustedt, Minimal Suggested Corrigendum for Arithmetic on Atomic Objects
N2065 2016/08/15 Thomas, July 2016 CFP Teleconference Minutes
N2066 2016/08/15 Thomas, August 2016 CFP Teleconference Agenda
N2067 2016/08/22 Gustedt, The Register Overhall
N2068 2016/08/22 Gustedt, Type Generic String Interface
N2069 2016/08/22 Gustedt, Mandatory C Library Headers
N2070 2016/08/22 Keaton, Convener's Report and Business Plans
N2071 2016/08/22 Keaton, NWIP for CPLEX TS Part 1
N2072 2016/09/02 Sebor, Using aligned_alloc to Allocate Smaller Objects than Alignment
N2073 2016/09/07 Banks, MISRA C Liaison Report
N2074 2016/09/19 Sebor, Functions taking [static] arrays
N2075 2016/09/19 Thomas, August 2016 CFP teleconference minutes
N2076 2016/09/19 Thomas, September 2016 CFP teleconference agenda
N2077 2016/09/19 Thomas, Proposed FP DRs for TS 18661 and C
N2078 2016/09/19 Thomas, C2x proposal - TS 18661-1
N2079 2016/09/19 Thomas, C2x proposal - TS 18661-2
N2080 2016/09/19 Sebor, Flexible array member in an anonymous struct
N2081 2016/09/19 Nelson, Array sections for C
N2082 2016/09/19 Nelson, Hexadecimal floating-point and strtod
N2083 2016/09/19 Sebor, Unnecessary restriction on structures with nested flexible array members
N2084 2016/09/19 Bhakta, Invitation to Markham, Ontario, Canada for the Spring 2017 WG14/PL22.11 Meetings, 2017-04-03/07
N2085 2016/09/19 Tydeman, DR489 PCR Improvement Proposal
N2086 2016/09/20 Keaton, Updated C2X Charter
N2087 2016/09/20 Keaton, Updated Standing Document 3
N2088 2016/09/28 Keaton, Agenda for October, 2016
N2089 2016/09/22 Memarian, Clarifying Unspecified Values (Draft Defect Report or Proposal for C2x)
N2090 2016/09/22 Memarian, Clarifying Pointer Provenance (Draft Defect Report or Proposal for C2x)
N2091 2016/09/22 Memarian, Clarifying Trap Representations (Draft Defect Report or Proposal for C2x)