Pre Markham documents, March/April 2009

N1348 2008/11/19 Seymour, Support for Conditional Inclusion of Headers
N1349 2008/12/07 Nelson, Parallel memory sequencing model proposal
N1350 2009/01/19 Plum, Proposal for an Annex to C1X
N1351 2009/02/28 Banks, C Language support for multiprocessor application environments
N1352 2009/02/09 Tyedman, New macros for <float.h>
N1353 2009/02/27 Tyedman, FLT_EVAL_METHOD issues
N1354 2009/02/09 Tyedman, Treatment of math error conditions
N1355 2009/02/09 Tyedman, Preferred quantum exponent for DFP math functions
N1356 2009/02/09 Tyedman, _Bool bit-fields
N1357 2009/02/09 Tyedman, tgamma range error
N1358 2009/02/23 Svoboda, Extensions to the C1X Library
N1359 2009/02/12 Benito, TC for C1X
N1360 2009/02/28 Thomas, Benign typedef redefinition
N1361 2009/02/28 Thomas, FLT_EVAL_METHOD and constants
N1362 2009/03/01 Jones, Committee Draft – March 1, 2009
N1363 2009/03/01 Jones, Editor's Report
N1364 2009/02/23 Nelson, Parallel memory sequencing model proposal
N1365 2009/02/28 Tydeman, Constant expressions
N1366 2009/03/02 Benito, Agenda, March/April 2009
N1367 2009/02/24 Thomas, Contractions and expression evaluation methods
N1368 2009/02/28 Benito, Meeting Information, October 2009
N1369 2009/02/27 Kwok, Problems with FLOAT_CONST_DECIMAL64 pragma