N1278 2007/11/15 Plum, Distinguishing Criticality of Undefined Behavior
N1279 2008/01/23 Walls, Attributes Commonly Found in Open Source Applications
N1280 2008/02/11 Walls, Attribute Names, Use Existing Practice
N1281 2008/03/02 Schwarz, Adding _Pragma() operator to C1X
N1282 2008/03/03 Keaton, Clarification of Expressions
N1283 2008/03/03 Bijanki, Adding _Unaligned to C1x
N1284 2008/03/14 Nelson, lifetime of temporaries
N1285 2008/03/14 Nelson, C++ parallel memory model
N1286 2008/03/13 Stoughton, On Support for TR-19769 and New Character Types
N1287 2008/03/12 Plauger, Threads
N1288 2008/03/12 Franklin, ANSI C and the task or thread storage class
N1289 2008/03/12 Franklin, anonymous struct and union in C and C++
N1290 2008/03/13 Kwok, Updated DTR 24732
N1291 2008/03/14 Benito, Agenda for April 2008
N1292 2008/03/14 Benito, FCD 24747
N1293 2008/03/14 Peterson, C99 consistency changes in TR 24732
N1294 2008/03/14 Peterson, FLT_RADIX value applies only to generic floating-point types
N1295 2008/03/14 Peterson, #pragma __STDC__ UNSUFFIXED_FLOAT_CONSTANT_IS_DECIMAL64
N1296 2008/03/14 Stoughton, Liaison Statement from WG21 to WG14
N1297 2008/03/14 Stoughton, Attribute Syntax
N1298 2008/03/14 Stoughton, Cleanup and try finally for 'C'