Post London 2016 Documents

Date: 2016-05-30

N2024 2016/03/15 Gustedt, Another LaTeX package for the future C standard document
N2025 2016/03/21 Sebor, Mutex Initialization Underspecified
N2026 2016/03/25 Sebor, Wording for Recursive Mutex Specification
N2027 2016/03/21 Nelson, Concerning Point D of DR 439
N2028 2016/03/21 Nelson, Resolving DR444
N2029 2016/03/25 Thomas, Proposed DR's for TS 18661
N2030 2016/03/21 Garst, A Closure for C
N2031 2016/03/25 Sebor, Offsetof Underspecified
N2032 2016/03/25 Tydeman, White Space Character
N2033 2016/04/04 Tydeman, scanf example 5
N2034 2016/04/04 Koeppe, Comma omission and comma deletion
N2035 2016/04/07 Banks, MISRA C - WG14 Liaison Report
N2036 2016/05/05 Hedquist, MINUTES (Draft) 11-14 April, 2016 MEETING OF ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 22/WG 14 AND INCITS PL22.11
N2037 2016/04/12 Krause, mblen, mbtowc, and wctomb thread-safety
N2038 2016/04/12 Bhakta, Anonymous structure in union behavior
N2039 2016/04/12 Bhakta, _Pragma problem example
N2040 2016/04/14 Krause, Suggested Technical Corrigendum for DR 488
N2041 2016/04/29 Thomas, TS 18661-5 DTS draft
N2042 2016/04/14 Seacord, Clarification of unspecified value
N2043 2016/04/14 Seacord, Definition of out-of-bounds store
N2044 2016/05/16 Koeppe, Comma omission and comma deletion v2
N2045 2016/04/19 Thomas, March 2016 CFP Teleconference Minutes
N2046 2016/04/19 Thomas, April 2016 CFP Teleconference Agenda
N2047 2016/05/30 Plakosh, Venue for October 2016 Pittsburgh PA
N2048 2016/05/30 Keaton, Preliminary Agenda for October 2016 Pittsburgh PA