Post Kona Mailing 2012

N1598 2012/01/18 Jones, Predefined macro values
N1599 2012/01/18 Jones, #elif issue
N1600 2012/01/24 Montgomery, MISRA C Liaison Report
N1601 2012/01/27 Wakker, Initialization
N1602 2012/02/08 Aker, Constant Problems
N1603 2012/02/13 Hedquist, Final Minutes Washington DC
N1604 2012/02/13 Hedquist, Draft Minutes Kona, Hi 2012
N1605 2012/03/16 Thomas, Floating-point extensions for C — Part 1: Binary floating-point arithmetic
N1606 2012/03/05 Benito, Technical Corrigendum I, 9899:2011
N1607 2012/03/08 Benito, Comment template to be used in Document review
N1608 2012/03/08 Benito, Agenda - June 11-13, teleconference
N1609 2012/03/15 Seacord, WD TS 17961
N1610 2012/03/15 Seacord, Editor's report for WD TS 17961
N1611 2012/02/13 Vandevoorde, Modules in C++
N1612 2012/02/13 Halpern, C++ Language Constructs for Parallel Programming
N1613 2012/02/13 TMS Drafting Group, Transactional Language Constructs for C++