N1299 2008/04/16 Terrel, September 2008 meeting venue
N1300 2008/04/18 Stoughton, Draft minutes for April 2008 (PL22.11/08-0001)
N1301 2008/04/17 Bijanki, Dealing With Pointer Subterfuge
N1302 2008/04/17 Tydeman, Various models used for the type-generic FP comparision macros
N1303 2008/04/17 Tydeman, Two sets of macros for <float.h>
N1304 2008/04/17 Tydeman, Pure imaginary types with ++, --, >, <=, >=, <
N1305 2008/04/17 Tydeman, longjmp() from signal handler
N1306 2008/04/17 Tydeman, Conversion between pointers and floating types
N1307 2008/04/19 Benito, Promised future action
N1308 2008/04/24 Stoughton, Implementing errno as a Macro
N1309 2008/04/27 Plum, Changing some undefined behavior into ill-formed
N1310 2008/05/01 Nelson, Requiring signed char to have no padding bits
N1311 2008/05/02 Wakker, Initializing static or external variables
N1312 2008/05/16 Kwok, Updated DTR 24732
N1313 2008/05/16 Benito, Preliminary Agenda for September 2008