Post Chicago 2013 Documents

N1753 2013/09/10 Thomas, Agenda for September CFP teleconference
N1754 2013/09/11 Thomas, teleconference group responses to GB comments on N1711
N1755 2013/09/11 Thomas, Editor's comments on N1711
N1756 2013/09/11 Thomas, updated N1711, incorporates changes based on N1754 and N1755
N1757 2013/09/11 Thomas, update of TS18661 Part 2
N1758 2013/09/11 Thomas, update to TS18661 Part 3
N1759 2013/09/11 Thomas, September FP teleconference notes
N1760 2013/09/16 Benito, Summary of voting on DTS 17961
N1761 2013/09/28 Seacord, TS 17961 for publication
N1762 2013/09/29 Miller, Effective Type in Loop Invariant
N1763 2013/09/30 Hedquist, Final minutes, Delft 2013
N1764 2013/09/30 Hedquist, Draft minutes, Chicago 2013
N1765 2013/10/02 Thomas, Changes to TS 18661 Part 3 Interchange and extended types
N1766 2013/10/02 Thomas, Changes to TS 18661 Part 2 Decimal floa9ng-point arithmetic
N1767 2013/10/03 Maza, MetaFork: A Metalanguage for Concurrency Platforms Targeting Multicores
N1768 2013/10/03 Nelson, Edited N3786: Prohibiting "out of thin air" results in C++14
N1769 2013/10/03 Thomas, Issues on "round to narrower"
N1770 2013/10/03 Thomas, UK, comments on N1754
N1771 2013/10/03 Walls, Suggested TC for DR 433
N1772 2013/10/28 Thomas, October 2013, agenda FPSG teleconference
N1773 2013/10/05 Benito, Preliminary Agenda, April 2014
N1774 2013/10/21 Thomas, Ballot resolution for PDTS 18661 Part 1
N1775 2013/10/21 Thomas, Editorial resolutions for PDTS 18661 Part 1
N1776 2013/10/22 Tydeman, Possible Defect Report: Atomic flag type and operations
N1777 2013/10/22 Tydeman, Possible Defect Report: ATOMIC_VAR_INIT