[Cplex] Keywords, compliance, and a parallel UNCOL.

Matthew Markland markland at cray.com
Sat Jun 29 19:04:20 CEST 2013

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> Subject: RE: Keywords, compliance, and a parallel UNCOL.
> The problem address by OpenACC is support for accelerators / coprocessors
> / etc, mostly with either non shared memory or heterogeneous execution
> units (or both).
> This problem is not in the scope of what WG14 asked this study group to
> work on.
> We need to solve the "simpler" problem of shared memory parallel
> programming.

But I believe we should keep in mind whether the syntax/concepts added to the language can extend to the accelerator/coprocessor model also. In 5 years would another extension be needed (offload), or can we make spawn general enough even in this design so that it could be reused for a future model? 


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