[Cplex] Keywords, compliance, and a parallel UNCOL.

Geva, Robert robert.geva at intel.com
Sat Jun 29 09:43:15 CEST 2013

The problem address by OpenACC is support for accelerators / coprocessors / etc, mostly with either non shared memory or heterogeneous execution units (or both).
This problem is not in the scope of what WG14 asked this study group to work on.
We need to solve the "simpler" problem of shared memory parallel programming.


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Clark et al:

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> > As a follow on to the above, is the focus here going to be simply 
> > shared memory parallelism or will spawn be allowed to off-load work 
> > to an accelerator? Data movement becomes critical if that is 
> > allowed, and would probably add to the complexity of this base runtime.
> Another very good question. My impression is that there is no mature 
> language support for distributed-memory systems; in other words, we're 
> short of existing practice that's ready for standardization. (MPI is 
> mature, of course, but it's library, not language.)
> But I sure wouldn't mind learning otherwise.

The only item I would have to offer up in that direction would be OpenACC which is not a mature standard, but does have the interest of some. I hesitate to mention it because I do not want to foreground disagreements between the OpenMP and OpenACC groups. My position in Cray does not favor one over the other; I have to implement both. :-)

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