[Cplex] Keywords, compliance, and a parallel UNCOL.

Matthew Markland markland at cray.com
Sat Jun 29 04:30:56 CEST 2013

Clark et al:

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> Subject: RE: Keywords, compliance, and a parallel UNCOL.
> > As a follow on to the above, is the focus here going to be simply
> > shared memory parallelism or will spawn be allowed to off-load work to
> > an accelerator? Data movement becomes critical if that is allowed, and
> > would probably add to the complexity of this base runtime.
> Another very good question. My impression is that there is no mature
> language support for distributed-memory systems; in other words, we're
> short of existing practice that's ready for standardization. (MPI is mature, of
> course, but it's library, not language.)
> But I sure wouldn't mind learning otherwise.

The only item I would have to offer up in that direction would be OpenACC which is not a mature standard, but does have the interest of some. I hesitate to mention it because I do not want to foreground disagreements between the OpenMP and OpenACC groups. My position in Cray does not favor one over the other; I have to implement both. :-)


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