[Cplex] Cplex: suggested topics for discussion on the next teleconf.

Clive Pygott clivepygott at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 10:59:48 CEST 2013


Yesterday's teleconf asked for proposals for topic for discussion and
concerns, so here are my thoughts:

   - Objectives and constraints: I think it would be of value to spend at
   least a bit of time on what we are trying to achieve and what would
   constitute an acceptable outcome - if only to ensure we are all starting
   with the same set of assumptions

   - Are we defining compiler instructions or hints?: The proposal points
   out that Cilk uses keywords, whilst OpenMP is based on pragmas, so
   presumably OpenMP is providing 'hints' to the compiler that it is free or
   accept, or not. If one of our objectives is to support both approaches,
   does this mean that the Cilk-like keywords also have to be treated as
   'optional', at least in the sense of having an agreed semantics expressible
   in the language without the parallelism extensions?

   - Are there constraints on the code that may occur in a parallel region,
   parallel implemented for loop etc, necessary to ensure that the program has
   the specified behaviour? I'd see this as particularly an issue if there is
   expected to be a semantic equivalence between a parallel and sequential
   implementation of the code. The proposal mentions some constraints on loop
   implementations (number of iterations known before execution, no code in
   the body that disrupts the control flow, such as break or return), but are
   these the only constraints?

Talk to you in a couple of weeks

    Clive Pygott
    LDRA Inc.
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