[Cplex] Message sizes

Nelson, Clark clark.nelson at intel.com
Tue Jun 4 17:59:16 CEST 2013

Mailman, our email list software, has the option of holding or rejecting messages that are considered too big. The initial default, which I haven't yet changed, is 40K. We've already started surpassing that limit.

40K seems fairly generous for an email message, but Outlook HTML messages apparently have a bunch of style information included, which eats up kilobytes fairly quickly. It also adds up when every reply contains the whole thread that prompted the reply -- i.e. when no one ever deletes passages to which they are not responding specifically.

I'm going to bump the limit (so I don't have to deal with constant moderation requests), but not by as much as an order of magnitude, or at least not yet -- I'd like to encourage people to respond thoughtfully.

Remember too that the list is archived; not every message needs to contain the entire history of the thought process behind it.

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