[Cplex] Short SIMD vector types

Al Grant Al.Grant at arm.com
Mon Jun 3 13:46:57 CEST 2013


Are short SIMD vector types something that CPLEX is interested in standardizing?

Many C implementations already provide these as non-standard predefined types
(called e.g. "int16x4_t") and/or by means of constructing short vectors out of
existing types (like GCC's "vector" attribute).  The intuition is they map on
to registers of media instruction sets like SSE, AltiVec, NEON etc.

They are standard in OpenCL, although they are not how OpenCL provides
large-scale parallelism.  But they might be relevant to large-scale parallelism
in that the vector type construction could be extended to construct large
vectors that could be handled in whatever size chunks fit the target architecture.

If there's an existing proposal on this I'd be grateful for a pointer to it.


Al Grant

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