SD-1 08-0000R7 2008 PL22.16/WG21 document list Clark Nelson
SD-2 08-0001R7 ISO WG21 and INCITS PL22.16 membership list Clark Nelson
SD-5 WG21 and PL22.16 (C++) Joint Mailing and Meeting Information Herb Sutter
N2800 08-0310 Programming Languages — C++ Pete Becker
N2802 08-0312 A plea to reconsider detach-on-destruction for thread objects Hans-J. Boehm
N2803 08-0313 C++ Standard Core Language Active Issues, Revision 60 William M. Miller
N2804 08-0314 C++ Standard Core Language Defect Reports, Revision 60 William M. Miller
N2805 08-0315 C++ Standard Core Language Closed Issues, Revision 60 William M. Miller
N2806 08-0316 C++ Standard Library Active Issues List (Revision R61) Howard Hinnant
N2807 08-0317 C++ Standard Library Defect Report List (Revision R61) Howard Hinnant
N2808 08-0318 C++ Standard Library Closed Issues List (Revision R61) Howard Hinnant
N2809 08-0319 Library Support for hybrid error handling Beman Dawes
N2810 08-0320 Defects and Proposed Resolutions for Allocator Concepts Pablo Halpern
N2811 08-0321 Directed Rounding Arithmetic Operations G. Melquiond, S. Pion
N2812 08-0322 A Safety Problem with RValue References (and what to do about it) D. Abrahams, D. Gregor