SD-1 08-0000R4 2008 PL22.16/WG21 document list Clark Nelson
SD-2 08-0001R4 ISO WG21 and INCITS PL22.16 membership list Clark Nelson
SD-5 WG21 and J16 (C++) Joint Mailing and Meeting Information Herb Sutter
N2698 08-0208 Additional type traits: has_trivial_destructor_after_move and has_trivial_reallocation Rodrigo Castro Campos
N2699 08-0209 C++ Standard Core Language Active Issues, Revision 57 William M. Miller
N2700 08-0210 C++ Standard Core Language Defect Reports, Revision 57 William M. Miller
N2701 08-0211 C++ Standard Core Language Closed Issues, Revision 57 William M. Miller
N2702 08-0212 C++ Standard Library Active Issues List (Revision R58) Howard Hinnant
N2703 08-0213 C++ Standard Library Defect Report List (Revision R58) Howard Hinnant
N2704 08-0214 C++ Standard Library Closed Issues List (Revision R58) Howard Hinnant
N2705 08-0215 State of C++ Evolution (Mid-term 2008 Mailing) Alisdair Meredith
N2706 08-0216 C++ Library Working Group Status Report (Mid-term 2008 Mailing) Alisdair Meredith
N2707 08-0217 Expedited core issues handling Jens Maurer
N2708 08-0218 Business Plan and Convener's Report Herb Sutter
N2709 08-0219 Packaging Tasks for Asynchronous Execution Anthony Williams
N2710 08-0220 Proposed Wording for Concepts (Revision 7) D. Gregor, B. Stroustrup, J. Widman, J. Siek