ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22 sc22bal-2002-03

From:Dear Members,

Please find attached the open ballots list for March and future months.  For
information, the second ballot within JTC 1 for ISO/IEC DTR 14652
(Functionality for Internationalization Specification Method for Cultural
Conventions) has been initiated by JTC 1.  JTC 1 N 6721 closes 2002-05-24.

Best regards,


Letter ballots closing in March:

11 March 2002
SC 22 N3344 - Letter Ballot for Draft Technical Corrigendum 2 for ISO/IEC
1539-1:1997, Programming Languages - Fortran

Letter ballots closing in later months:

14 April 2002
SC 22 N3352 - Letter Ballot for FPDAM 1 to ISO/IEC 14651, International
String Ordering
and Comparison - Method for Comparing Character Strings and Description of a
Common Tailorable Ordering Template

14 April 2002
SC 22 N3356 - Letter Ballot on the New Work Item Proposal for a Type 2
Technical Report on
Specification for Additional Character Data Types to the Programming
Language C