C++ Working Papers

These are online browsable versions of the working paper. You will need additional applications or plugins to view the PS or PDF documents. To download these documents in pre-packaged compressed archives, see the mailings page.



Available formats


September 1993 Pre-San Jose [PDF] [PS]  
January 1994 Pre-San Diego [PDF] [PS] [ASCII]  
May 1994 Pre-Kitchener [PDF] [PS] [ASCII]   
September 1994  Pre-Valley Forge [HTML] [PDF] [PS]  
January 1995  Pre-Austin [HTML] [PDF] [PS]   
January 1995  Post-Austin  [HTML] [PDF] [PS]  troff glitches fixed
April 1995  Pre-Monterey  [HTML] [PDF] [PS]  CD ballot version
April 1995  Pre-Monterey  [HTML] [PDF] [PS]   
October 1995  Pre-Tokyo  [HTML] [PDF] [PS] [ASCII]   
January 1996 Pre-Santa Cruz [HTML] [PDF] [PS]   
June 1996  Pre-Stockholm  [HTML] [PDF] [PS] [ASCII]   
September 1996  Pre-Hawaii  [HTML] [PDF] [PS]   
November 1996 Post-Hawaii [HTML] [PDF] [PS] [ASCII]   
November 1996 Post-Hawaii [HTML] [PDF] [PS] [ASCII] 2nd CD ballot version
October 1997 Pre-Morristown [HTML] [PDF] [PS] [ASCII]  
November 1997 Post-Morristown [PDF] [PS] Version distributed on paper at the Morristown meeting
November 1997 Post-Morristown [HTML] [PDF] [PS] [ASCII] Version distributed in the post-Morristown mailing