C++ Standard Library Issues List (Revision R110)

Table of Contents

Reference ISO/IEC IS 14882:2011(E)

This document is the Table of Contents for the Library Active Issues List, Library Defect Reports List, and Library Closed Issues List.

Revised 2018-05-06 at 19:13:12 UTC

Issue Status Section Title Proposed Resolution Priority Duplicates
2139 Ready [namespace.std] What is a user-defined type? Yes 4
2970 Tentatively Ready 23.7.7 [variant.visit] Return type of std::visit misspecified Yes 2
3058 Ready 29.8.11 [adjacent.difference] Parallel adjacent_difference shouldn't require creating temporaries Yes 3
3062 Tentatively Ready 28.4.5 [algorithms.parallel.overloads] Unnecessary decay_t in is_execution_policy_v should be remove_cvref_t Yes 0
3067 Tentatively Ready [fs.rec.dir.itr.members] recursive_directory_iterator::pop must invalidate Yes 0
3071 Tentatively Ready 17.9 [networking.ts::buffer.read.until] [networking.ts] read_until still refers to "input sequence" Yes 0
3074 Tentatively Ready 29.7.3 [valarray.nonmembers] Non-member functions for valarray should only deduce from the valarray Yes 0
3076 Ready [string.cons] basic_string CTAD ambiguity Yes
3079 Tentatively Ready [fs.op.create_directory] LWG 2935 forgot to fix the existing_p overloads of create_directory Yes 0
3080 Tentatively Ready 23.20.3 [charconv.from.chars] Floating point from_chars pattern specification breaks round-tripping Yes 0
3083 Tentatively Ready [ios.base.storage] What should ios::iword(-1) do? Yes 0
3094 Tentatively Ready [time.duration.io] §[time.duration.io]p4 makes surprising claims about encoding Yes 0
3100 Tentatively Ready [span.cons] Unnecessary and confusing "empty span" wording Yes 0
3102 Tentatively Ready [span.overview] Clarify span iterator and const_iterator behavior Yes 0
3104 Tentatively Ready [time.duration.nonmember] Fixing duration division Yes 0