C++ Standard Library Issues List (Revision R112)

Index by Status and Date

Reference ISO/IEC IS 14882:2011(E)

This document is the Index by Status and Date for the Library Active Issues List, Library Defect Reports List, and Library Closed Issues List.

Revised 2018-10-08 at 04:58:18 UTC

Ready (10 issues)

Issue Status Section Title Proposed Resolution Priority Duplicates
3054 Ready [uninitialized.copy] uninitialized_copy appears to not be able to meet its exception-safety guarantee Yes 2
2996 Ready 23.11.3 [util.smartptr.shared] Missing rvalue overloads for shared_ptr operations Yes
3116 Ready 23.13.4 [allocator.adaptor.members] OUTERMOST_ALLOC_TRAITS needs remove_reference_t Yes 0
2995 Ready [stringbuf.cons] basic_stringbuf default constructor forbids it from using SSO capacity Yes 3
2936 Ready [fs.path.compare] Path comparison is defined in terms of the generic format Yes 2
2682 Ready [fs.op.copy] filesystem::copy() won't create a symlink to a directory Yes 2
2183 Ready 31.10.1 [re.results.const] Muddled allocator requirements for match_results constructors Yes 3
2184 Ready 31.10.1 [re.results.const] Muddled allocator requirements for match_results assignments Yes 3
2412 Ready 33.6.6 [futures.promise] promise::set_value() and promise::get_future() should not race Yes 3
2697 Ready 99 [concurr.ts::futures.unique_future] [concurr.ts] Behavior of future/shared_future unwrapping constructor when given an invalid future Yes 2

Tentatively Ready (25 issues)

Issue Status Section Title Proposed Resolution Priority Duplicates
3140 Tentatively Ready [meta.trans.other] COMMON_REF is unimplementable as specified Yes 0
3160 Tentatively Ready 32.6 [atomics.ref.generic] atomic_ref() = delete; should be deleted Yes 0
3148 Tentatively Ready [compliance] <concepts> should be freestanding Yes 0
3147 Tentatively Ready [macro.names] Definitions of "likely" and "unlikely" are likely to cause problems Yes 0
3008 Tentatively Ready [util.smartptr.shared.create] make_shared (sub)object destruction semantics are not specified Yes 2
3037 Tentatively Ready 23.12.3 [mem.poly.allocator.class] polymorphic_allocator and incomplete types Yes 2
3038 Tentatively Ready [mem.poly.allocator.mem] polymorphic_allocator::allocate should not allow integer overflow to create vulnerabilities Yes 2
3145 Tentatively Ready [time.clock.file] file_clock breaks ABI for C++17 implementations Yes 1
3025 Tentatively Ready [map.overview] Map-like container deduction guides should use pair<Key, T>, not pair<const Key, T> Yes 2
3031 Tentatively Ready 28.7 [alg.sorting] Algorithms and predicates with non-const reference arguments Yes 2
2943 Tentatively Ready [filebuf.members] Problematic specification of the wide version of basic_filebuf::open Yes 2
3096 Tentatively Ready [fs.path.gen] path::lexically_relative is confused by trailing slashes Yes 2
3065 Tentatively Ready [fs.path.nonmember] LWG 2989 missed that all path's other operators should be hidden friends as well Yes 2
3153 Tentatively Ready 99 [concept.common] Common and common_type have too little in common Yes 0
3154 Tentatively Ready 99 [concept.common] Common and CommonReference have a common defect Yes 0
2960 Tentatively Ready 3.3 [fund.ts.v3::meta] [fund.ts.v3] nonesuch is insufficiently useless Yes 2
3132 Tentatively Ready [macro.names] Library needs to ban macros named expects or ensures Yes 0
3137 Tentatively Ready 21.3.1 [support.limits.general] Header for __cpp_lib_to_chars Yes 0
3131 Tentatively Ready 23.17.12 [time.parse] addressof all the things Yes 0
3130 Tentatively Ready 30 [input.output] §[input.output] needs many addressof Yes 0
3127 Tentatively Ready [syncstream.osyncstream.overview] basic_osyncstream::rdbuf needs a const_cast Yes 0
3129 Tentatively Ready [re.tokiter.cnstr] regex_token_iterator constructor uses wrong pointer arithmetic Yes 0
3128 Tentatively Ready D.8.5.3 [depr.strstream.oper] strstream::rdbuf needs a const_cast Yes 0
3134 Tentatively Ready 3.3.1 [fund.ts.v3::meta.type.synop] [fund.ts.v3] LFTSv3 contains extraneous [meta] variable templates that should have been deleted by P09961 Yes 0
3122 Tentatively Ready 21.3.1 [support.limits.general] __cpp_lib_chrono_udls was accidentally dropped Yes 0