How to prepare and submit an issue

It is the policy of the committee to accept any issue submitted by a committee member as long as the issue is well-formed, specific, and understandable, as determined by the issues list maintainer. Certain committee members have volunteered to review issues submitted to comp.std.c++, and to forward those to the committee that meet the published criteria.

The issues list maintainer may edit an issue for brevity, grammar, or form. As with all committee work, discussion must be of a technical nature, and personal attacks or invective is never acceptable.

If you haven't already done so, please review issues on the current issues list to develop an understanding of the usual style of presentation. Notice that descriptions are brief and to-the-point; if it takes more than a few short paragraphs to describe the issue then it probably should be presented to the committee as a paper rather than an issue.


The first step is locate the specific text at issue in the ISO/IEC IS 14882:1998(E) document.

Note the section number and symbolic identifier for the portion of text involved.

For example, to raise the issue that the locale::category description names the wrong header, identify the section as " lib.locale.category paragraph 2".

Important: Look up the section number in the Index by Section and verify that the issue hasn't already been raised!

The preferred way to submit the issue is in HTML format. HTML can be created with either an HTML editor (many available free on the web) or with a text editor. Your web browser's view|document source feature displays the source text underlying any HTML document; you can use it to see the actual issues list HTML.

Please create a hyperlink for any symbolic section identifier which appears in the issue. For example, lib.locale.category, in raw HTML looks like:

<a href="lib-locales.html#lib.locale.category">lib.locale.category</a>

In preparing the issue, please keep in mind that issues must format well for printing in addition to web browser display. Limit formatting to very basic text HTML; don't use graphics, frames, or similar advanced features.

Do not use the HTML <em> tag except to indicate material which is to be removed from the public version of the issues list. Instead use the HTML <i> tag to show material in an italic font.


In the following HTML, which can be copied as a template, replace the italicized text with the appropriate issue text (not italicized):

Title here

Section: section here  Status: New  Submitter: your name here  Date: date here

Description of issue here.

Proposed Resolution:

Proposed resolution for issue here. Be sure to identify the exact place in the IS document that any change applies to, and provide context to make the change clear. Specifying both the current "from" wording and the new "to" wording makes the proposed resolution much easier to understand. Look at the issues list for examples.


Committee members should submit via email to the "Reply to:" address on the Committee Version of the most current issues list.

Others should submit via the procedure described in the C++ FAQ at

Page updated September 08, 2000