Organizations involved in I18N and character encoding




1.                Formal standards organizations


1.1.           ISO  --  International Organization for Standardization


1.1.1.      ISO/TC 46  --  Information and documentation, incl. bibliographic character sets


1.2.           ITU  --  International Telecommunication Union


1.3.           JTC1  --  Information Technology Standards


1.3.1.      SC 02 - Coded Character Sets

WG 2 - Multi Octet Codes (ISO/IEC 10646)

WG 3 - 7 and 8 bit Codes and Their Extension (ISO/IEC 8859-x, ISO/IEC 2022, etc…)


1.3.2.      SC 22 - Programming Languages, their Environments and Systems Software Interfaces



WG5 - Fortran

WG9 - Ada

WG11 - Binding Techniques

WG14 - C


WG16 - ISLisp

WG17 - Prolog

WG19 - Formal Specification Languages

WG20 - Internationalization

WG21 - C++


1.3.3.      SC 28 - Office Equipment

1.3.4.      SC 31 - Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques

1.3.5.      SC 32 - Data Management and Interchange

1.3.6.      SC 34 - Document Description and Processing Languages

1.3.7.      SC 35 - User Interfaces

1.3.8.      SC 36 - Information Technology for Learning, Education, and Training

1.3.9.      SC 37 - Biometrics



1.4.           US National Standards Organizations


1.4.1.      ANSI  --  American National Standards Institute


1.4.2.      INCITS  --  InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standardization


Technical Committees related to character sets and internationalization and their assignment as Technical Advisory Groups to international committees:

L2        character sets and internationalization, TAG to SC2/WG2, SC2/WG3, and SC22/WG20

J4        COBOL, TAG to SC22/WG4

J11      C , TAG to SC22/WG14

J16      C++ , TAG to SC22/WG21

L8        Metadata

V2        Accessibility, TAG to SC35

V36      Learning, education and training, TAG to SC36



2.                Consortia


2.1.           IETF  --  Internet Engineering Task Force

Active working groups:

·  Applications Area

·  General Area

·  Internet Area

·  Operations and Management Area

·  Routing Area

·  Security Area

·  Sub-IP Area

·  Transport Area


2.2.           W3C  --  World Wide Web Consortium

I18N related work areas:





WAI  --  Web Access Initiative


2.3.           Unicode  --  Unicode Consortium


The Unicode Standard

Character encoding model

Character properties

Bi-directional algorithm




2.4.           The Open Group




2.4.1.List of abbreviations used throughout ISO Online

Abbreviations used within the titles of ISO standards are not included in this list.
Information about abbreviations used within the ISO technical work programme are given in the section How to use the ISO technical programme.

Add - Addendum
Amd - Amendment
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
AWI - Approved work item
CASCO - ISO Committee on conformity assessment
CD - Committee draft
CHF - Swiss Francs (ISO 4217)
CIE - International Commission on Illumination
COPOLCO - ISO Committee on consumer policy
Cor. - Corrigendum
CS - ISO Central Secretariat
DAmd - Draft Amendment
DEVCO - Committee on developing country matters
DIS - Draft International Standard
DISP - Draft International Standardized Profile
DTR - Draft technical report
Ed. - Edition
FDIS - Final draft International Standard
ICS - International classification for standards
IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
IIW - International Institute for Welding
INFCO - ISO Committee on information systems and services (disbanded)
ISBN - International standard book number (ISO 2108)
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
ISONET - ISO information network
ISP - International Standardized Profile
ISSN - International standard serial number (ISO 3297)
ITA - Industry Technical Agreement (renamed International Workshop Agreement (IWA), June 2001)
ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems
IULTCS - International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies
IWA - International Workshop Agreement
JTC - Joint ISO/IEC technical committee
O-member - Observer member (in a TC or SC)
p. - page(s)
PAS - Publicly Available Specification
P-member - Participating member (in a TC or SC)
PDC - Policy development committee
PRF - Proof of a new International Standard
R - Recommendation
REMCO - ISO Committee on reference materials
SC - Subcommittee (of a TC)
Suppl. - Supplement
TMB - ISO Technical Management Board
TC - Technical committee
TR - Technical Report
TS - Technical Specification
TTA - Technology Trends Assessment
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time
VAMAS - Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards
WD - Working document
WG - Working group (of a TC or SC)