Title: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 resolutions, Cairo meeting 1997-11-16/20

Source: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20

Date: 1997-11-20

Status: Approved unanimously, except where otherwise noted


Resolution R9711-01: Meeting Schedule

WG20 resolves to have the following meeting schedule:

1998-06-15/19: Dublin, Ireland (to be confirmed)

1998-10-19/23: Israel

1999-05-03/07: Philadelphia, USA

1999-h2: Denmark


Resolution R9711-02: Liaison to SC2/WG2

WG20 appoints Arnold Winkler as its liaison to SC2/WG2 starting after the SC2/WG2 Seattle meeting.

Resolution R9711-03: progressing of ISO/IEC 14652


WG20, noting that project JTC1. has passed registration and 1st CD ballot, resolves the following progression of 14652 (cultural conventions standard):

a. The editor will provide WD9, reflecting decisions at the Cairo meeting, on the web no later than 1997-12-01.

b. The editor will provide final disposition of comments 1997-12-07.

c. Comments from members of the Cairo meeting on WD9 have to be submitted no later than 1997-12-16.

d. the editor will incorporate comments in a revised document and submit it to the convener no later than 1997-12-20.

e. the convener is instructed to submit the resulting document for FCD ballot.

Resolution R9711-04: Contribution to Cultural Adaptability Workshop

WG20 approves N548 as its contribution to the JTC 1 Cultural Adaptability workshop.


Resolution R9711-05: Liaison to WG11

WG20 appoints Keld Simonsen as its liaison to WG11.


Resolution R9711-06: DTR 10176

WG20 sets the following schedule to approve the disposition of comments on the DTR 10176 ballot: The editor, Akio Kido, will mail the draft to Keld Simonsen by 1997-12-01, and comments from attendees of the Cairo meeting can be made until 1997-12-08; the editor and the convener will resolve any conflicts. Final text will be delivered to the restricted web in 1998-02, WG20 members can comment on the final text until 1998-03-06, and then the text will be forwarded by the convener to ITTF for publication.

Resolution R9711-07: Thanks

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 thanks

- IBM Egypt, especially Khaled Sherif, Magdy Ali (IBM NLR manager), and Nabil Halim (IBM ACC manager) for their hospitality and support.

- Keld Simonsen for drafting the resolutions.

- Arnold Winkler for taking minutes and chairing the Cairo meeting.

Approved with applause.