SC22/WG20 N455 TK Sato

From WG20

To SC22

Date April 11, 1996

Title Cooperation with CEN 304

Ref. SC22/WG20 N415, N449

This is a WG20 responce (folllow to SC22Nxxxx) to SC22 Annaplolis resolution BE

SC22/WG20 N449 "extract of CEN/TC304 N530" indicates that CEN/TC 304 shows an interest in following projects expressed in SC22 N XXXX (SC22/WG20N415 xxxxx).

L/132 (ISO/IEC WD 14652 Specification method for Cultural Conventions)

L/211b (CEN Report on un-registered cultural conventions)

L/212 (Cultural Conventions Registry Standard)

WG20 proposes to SC22 to respond to CEN about above projects when CEN provides an input through the process defined in Vienna agreement.

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