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A partial document register of ISO/IEC JTC1 and other standardization bodies is available.

Older WG20 document registers:

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 documents from N500 in document number order:

Nr.Title SourceE-mail#/Web DateProject
SD-1Mailing List SC22/WG20 internationalization Winkler 97-09-30admin
SD-2Current Document Register SC22/WG20 Winkler 97-09-30admin
SD-3Current list of WG20 projects Winkler 97-09-30admin
SD-4List of liaison and co-operations to and from SC22/WG20 Winkler 97-09-30admin
SD-5Action item list Winkler 97-09-21admin
N500Document register N451 - N500 Winkler 96-12-23admin
N501Notice of SC22/WG20 meeting Québec, May 1997 Winkler
SC22 N2341
wg20.171796-11-21 admin
N502Preliminary agenda for Québec, May 1997 Winkler
SC22 N2341
wg20.171796-11-21 admin
N503Migration to new DIS procedures (results of JTC1 meeting in Paris, Dec. 1996) Follett,
SC22 N2359
SC22.n2359January 1997 admin
N504Disposition of DTR 11017 ballot comments T.K. Sato 96-12-0722.30.01
N505Answer to SC22 editorial comments to DTR 11017 T.K. Sato 96-12-0722.30.01
N506Answer from Unicode Inc. regarding use of character property tables Asmus Freytag 97-01-2322.30.02.02
N507Migration plan to the modified DIS procedure SC22 N2410 March 97admin
N508FTP availability of ISO templates and model documents for the preparation and formatting or draft standards (ISO directives, part 3) SC22 N2419 February 1997admin
N509NP acceptance criteria SC22 N2415 February 1997admin
N510Liaison statement from SC22/WG14 on CD 14651 SC22/WG14 N664 97-02-1422.30.02.02
N511Migration plan to the modified DIS procedure (duplicate of N507) SC22 N2410 March 1997admin
N512Summary of voting on document JTC1 N4280, proposal for a new work item on Internationalization API Standard SC22 N2424 February 199722.15435
N513WG14 contribution to WG20 I18N API WG14 N623 January 199622.15435
N514ISO 12199 - Alphabetic ordering of multilingual terminological and lexicographical data represented in Latin alphabet ISO/TC37/SC2/
WG3 N72
N515HLD and functional specification for L0-L1 APIs
UK contribution to API NP ballot
97-01-21 22.15435
mailing October 6, 1997
N516List of participants - Québec, May 1997 Winkler 97-05-12admin
N517Final agenda - Québec, May 1997 Winkler 97-05-12admin
N518Minutes - Québec, May 1997 Winkler 97-05-16admin
N519Resolutions - Québec, May 1997 Winkler 97-05-16admin
N520Convenor's report to SC22 plenary in Ottawa, August 1997 Winkler 97-06-20admin
N521Result and summary of comments to CD ballot on CD 14651 - International string ordering SC22 N2466 May 199722.30.02.02
N522ISO council decision 21/1997: freely available access to WDs and CDs SC22 N2432 March 1997admin
N523Guide for server based document distribution for SC22 Simonsen
SC22 N2569
97-08-26 admin
N524Rationale and questions to JTC1 NBs and SCs regarding technical direction and organization JTC1 N4631 97-04-16admin
N525Personal comments on a proposal for CD 14652 Koreaki Fujimura 97-05-1222.30.02.03
N526Personal contribution on "default" ordering in CD 14651 Koreaki Fujimura 97-05-1322.30.02.02
N527RDisposition of comments to CD 14651 ballot in SC22 N2466 (WG20 N521) Alain LaBonté 97-07-01
N528ISO/IEC 14652 CD - Specifications of cultural conventions Keld SimonsenWeb June 199722.30.02.03
N529Liaison statement from SC22/WG14 on CD 14651 SC22/WG14 97-02-1422.30.02.02
N530Notice and preliminary agenda for meeting in Cairo, November 16-20, 1997 Winkler 97-07-22admin
N531Proposed disposition of comments to TR 10176 Kido/Noda 97-09-2522.13
N532Final disposition of comments to TR 10176 Kido/Noda Cairo22.13
N533Final text of TR 10176 for TR ballot Kido/Noda Cairo22.13
N534Resolutions from SC22 plenary in Ottawa,
August 18-22, 1997
SC22 N2574Web 97-08-22admin
N535CAW Information JTC1 N4627, N4789, N5018, GII-N123, SC2 and SC22 resolutions Winkler - JTC1, SC2, SC22 97-09-21 admin
N536Draft for ISO/IEC 15435 WD - I18N APIs Keld SimonsenWeb 97-10-0422.15435
N537ISO/IEC 14651 FCD - International string ordering for FCD ballot Alain LaBonté 97-09-30
N538Request to national bodies concerning an informative annex to ISO/IEC provisionally removed from FCD 14651 (see in connection with N537) Alain LaBonté 97-10-02
N539Issue list for ISO/IEC 15435 WD Keld Simonsen 97-10-0222.15435
N540CAW: Preliminary agenda for the Cultural Adaptablility Workshop in Ottawa, Jan. 20-22, 1998 Shibano 97-10-02admin
N541ISO HLGS on CALS: Processing multiple languages, character sets and encoding JTC1 N4851 97-07-28admin

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