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A partial document register of ISO/IEC JTC1 and other standardization bodies is available.

A register of older WG20 documents is also available

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 documents from N400 in document number order:

Nr.TitleSourceE-mail #DateProject
SD-5Action item listWinklerwg20.1280
366RRDTR 11017: Framework for internationalization
(document before editing for proper English)
T.K. SatoFTPOctober 199522.30 .01
395RAddition of Annex C to PDTR 11017
(Bi-directional text)
T.K. Sato
R. Belhadj
396RDisposition results on section 5.6 and 5.7 of
PDTR 11017
T.K. Sato95-09-2722.30.01
397RSummary of differences N277R (PDTR) to N366RR (DTR 11017)T.K. Sato95-09-2722.30.01
399Modification of DIS balloting proceduresSC22 N1938August 1995admin
400Document register N351 - N400Winkler95-10-27admin
401Final agenda for WG20 meeting #9 in Copenhagen, September 25-29, 1995WG2095-09-25admin
402NP for Internationalization API standardWG20
SC22 N1962
403SC22 ad hoc report on the use of WWWSC22 ad hoc95-09-21admin
404SC22 Recommendations on JTC1's Electronic Document Formatting GuidelinesSC22 N1965
405CEN/TC304/PT01 User requirements study and programming for standardization in the field of character set technology - Project team reportCEN/TC304
SC22 N1961
406WWW Sample pagesSC22 ad hoc95-09-22admin
407Unique identifiers for characters in ISO/IEC 10646SC22 N196895-09-22 22.13
408Draft resolutions from the SC22 plenary in Annapolis, September 18-22, 1995SC2295-09-22admin
409Rationale for the inclusion of paragraph numbers in SC22 standardsSC22 N1967
(ad hoc AN-4)
410Participants at the WG20 meeting #9 in Copenhagen, September 25-29, 1995Winkler95-09-25admin
411Cultural convention specification IS 14652 WD #2K. Simonsen95-09-2522.30.02.03
412Summary of CEN/TC304/PT01 Project team reportŢorvađur Kári Ólafsson 95-09-2522.30
413CEN: organization of standards activitiesCEN1995 admin
414Liaison report from WG4 - COBOLA. Wallace95-09-2522.13
415Plan for cooperation between CEN/TC304 and SC22/WG20WG20
SC22 N2015
416Input to WD#3 of 14651 (A9505-08)K. Simonsen95-07-1622.30.02.02
417 Minutes of the WG20 meeting #9 in Copenhagen, September 25-29, 1995Winkler
SC22 N1999
418Revised input for TR 10176K. Simonsen95-07-2322.13
419Some text for TR 10176 WD5
(A9505-12, A9410-07, A9410-05)
K. Simonsen95-07-1722.13
420Resolutions from WG20 meeting #9 in Copenhagen, September 25-29, 1995WG20
SC22 N1999
421Non editorial comments to TR 10176 WD4K. Simonsen95-09-26 22.13
422Liaison report from WG20 to WG4 (COBOL) WG20
SC22 N2001
423Guidelines on character data types in programming language designWG20
SC22 N2016
424Preliminary Agenda for Kyoto (April 8-12, 1996)Winkler
SC22 N2002
425Notice for WG20 meeting #10 in KyotoWinkler
SC22 N2002
426Final Agenda, Kyoto, April 8-12, 1996Winkler/TK Sato96-04-09admin
427Minutes from WG20 meeting #10, KyotoWinkler/TK Sato96-04-12admin
428Resolutions from WG20 meeting #10, KyotoWinkler/TK Sato96-04-11admin
429List of participants at WG20 meeting #10, KyotoWinkler/TK Sato96-04-09admin
430ISO/IEC Directives: Guidelines for API StandardizationSC22/N1947
JTC1 N3662
431SC22 Electronic DistributionSC22 N196695-09-21admin
432SC22 Program of WorkSC22 N1973October 1995admin
433ISO/IEC pDTR 10176: Guidelines for preparation of programming language standardsAkio Kido
SC22 N2029
434WG14 concerns about string ordering in WG20P.J. Plauger96-01-0322.30.02.02
435New SC22 "P" Membership for EgyptSC22 N2035December 95admin
436ISO/IEC WD 14652KeldSeptember 9522.30.02.03
437The Normative Referencing of Specifications other than international Standards in JTC1 International Standards -Guidelines for JTC1 SCs-JTC1 N4046Sidney JTC1 96-03-13admin
438JTC1 ETSI: Agreement on exchange of information between ISO/IEC JTC1 and ETSIJTC1 N404996-03 (Sidney JTC1)admin
439JTC1 Policy on Electronic Docment DistributionJTC1 N4054(Sidney JTC1 96-03?)admin
440ISO/IEC 14651 - Working Draft #4 - International String OrderingA. LaBontéFTP96-03-1822.30.02.02
441Report on the Meeting of Ad Hoc Group A - JTC1 Strategy for Implementing ITJTC1 N4055Sidney JTC1 96-03-13admin
442Resolutions of the Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1,
11-15 March, 1996 Sidney Australia
JTC1 N4058admin
443Recommende Request from JTC1 for Action Plans and Information from Scs and SGFS on Implemantation of JTC1 Policy on Conformity Assesment and JTC1 Policy on InteroperabilitySC22 N2039JTC1 N3826admin
444TR 11017, Framework for internationalizationT.K. Sato22.30.01
445SC22 Secretary Report for the ISO/IEC JTC1 March 1996 PlanarySC22 N2045admin
446Data specification format for transliteration and transcriptionKeld96-04-0822.30.02,03
447Procedures for European Registration of Cultural ElementsCEN Env 1200596-0422.30.02.03
448Draft pDAM8 on Unique identifiers for CharactersSC2WG2 N128996-01-0422.30.02.02
449Extract of CEN TC304 N530 CEN TC304 N530admin
450Document register N401 - N450Winkler
451ISO CD 12199 Alphabetical ordering of multilingual terminological and lexicographical data represented in the Lation alphabetISO TC 37 SC2 WG3 N6596-01-1822.30.02.02
452Perticipants at the SC22/WG20 Meeting #10, Kyoto-Japan, April 9-13, 199696-04-09admin
452Coneners Report - September 1996Winkler/TK Satoadmin
453ISO/IEC WD 14651 International String Ordering (for preCD ballot discussion and CD ballot)LaBonte96-06-0122.30.02.02
454ISO/IEC WD 14652 Specification for Cultural Convention (for preCD ballot discussion and CD Ballot)Simmonsen96-06-0122.30.02.03
455WG20 report to SC22 about cooperation with CEN
(Follow up of N415, and N499)
TK Sato
456Liaison report to WG14 in responce to N434Keld
457Liaison report to TC 37 about N451 (TC37 SC2 WG3 N65)Keld/alain

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