Host information
Copenhagen meetings 2001

C meeting : Apr. 23-27 2001

WG21 meeting: Apr. 29 2001

C++ meeting : Apr 30 - 4 May 2001

    Danish Standards Association
    Kollegievej 6,
    DK-2920 Charlottenlund

    Phone: +45 3996 6101
    Fax: +45 3996 6102
Information about Danish Standard Association including maps

Danish Standards Association is situated in a distance of some 10 kilometers north of the center of Copenhagen.
It can be reached by:


Lists of hotels with which DS have special price agreements can be seen here:
  Hotels near DS
  Hotels in downtown Copenhagen
These prices is only valid if you yourself and not your travel agency make the booking.

Most restaurants, bars, shops etc. are located downtown.

Please note that due to the European song contest 2001, which is scheduled for May 12, 2001 in Copenhagen, hotel bookings from May 6 onwards are already becoming difficult.

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  Jan Kristoffersen
  Member of Danish Standards Association