Project status and milestones

Work Item JTC1.22.17 - Language Independent Datatypes

This document was published as ISO/IEC 11404:1996. Work is underway to revise the document; an initial workplan for the revision can be found in the US Contribution on amending ISO/IEC 11404 (WG11 N465).

Work Item JTC1.22.33 - Language Independent Arithmetic, Part 2

This project is practically finished: the final ballot closed on 2001-05-01 without any NO votes and with 14 YES votes; its is expected that the document will be published soon as ISO/IEC 10967-2:2001.

Work Item JTC1.22.34 - Language Independent Arithmetic, Part 3

The first ballot (the so-called SC22 registration ballot) on document WG11 N476 closes on 2001-10-26; commenst are, as always, welcome.