WG11 goes online on the web

There has now been produced a draft WG11 homepage, the address is http://www.dkuug.dk/JTC1/SC22/WG11 /case is important). This is produced by Keld Simonsen as a test case on the new SC22 WG guidelines for web services. The material is for a major part the WG11 conveners report to SC22 in September 1995 - slightly modified.

The design is that the page has general information for a casual WG11 interested person, while still being adequate also for work within WG11.

A user can find:

For further reference there is references to: The user is referenced to the member body for further info. There are no long references to ISO, IEC etc, but hotlinks are provided. The casual user should not be tired by ISO administration, but get access to the products (oh - we cannot provide the standards but maybe we can provide some interesting material to him/her).

For the WG11 user there are hotlinks in the very beginning of the homepage, making use snappy and easy. There is access to the WG11 document list, and also meeting information for the upcoming Copenhagen meeting is available, including transport, hotels, turist information, weather forecasts, and a city map. There is provision for restricted access to WG and ISO documents, but nothing has been done there yet.

There is a news button in the hotlist which is not referred to in the rest. The news section should be first - but then writing "read all about the interesting WG11 news" as the firs sentence would be overkill, and the news buttton is first anyway. And there may not be that much news anyway.

There is a modest use of graphics, the total downloadable graphics are some 4 kbyte.

Provided to you 1996-01-17 by Keld Simonsen.