The project team on European Ordering Rules will complete its work by June 1998 in time for the Reykjavik session of CEN / TC304. However, it plans to release draft standards for review and criticism to the interested public beforehand. Drafts will be put up on the Web page of the EOR team and be announced on the mailing list of TC304.

We expect to adhere to the following schedule:

  1. Early May 1998: release of first draft version
  2. Late May 1998: release of revised version
  3. Possibly release of further versions as demanded
  4. Presentation of plain English introduction to the ordering rules
  5. 8. June 1998: Presentation of second draft version to CEN / TC304 in Reykjavik
  6. 23. July 1998: Second draft send out for TC enquiry
  7. October 1998: Draft has passed its TC enquiry
  8. 23. November 1998: Comments resulution meeting in Brussels. A report is available (restricted access for TC304 members only)
  9. March 1998: Third draft sent out for ballot
  10. December 1999: ENV 13710 passes its ballot
  11. December 2000: Printed version available
More details here